How to complete the Spanish Passenger Locator Form

Are you having difficulty completing the Spanish Passenger Locator Form (sometimes called the Health Control Form)? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This handy guide will help you overcome the most common issues, but if you’re still stuck please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Before you begin

You won’t be able to complete the form fully until 48 hours before you depart, but you will be able to complete most of it. All you need to get started are your flight details. We recommend completing as much as you can before the 48-hour window to allow yourself time to overcome any issues you may have with the form.

Who needs to complete this form?

All non-EU Passport holders who are unvaccinated

Which form should I complete?

If you are travelling as part of a family that all live in the same household, you can complete a  family/group form. Otherwise, you should complete your own individual form.

What you’ll need

  • The details of each traveller 
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Passport number
  • Your flight number & arrival date
  • Your accommodation address 
  • Vaccination details or your negative NAAT (PCR test) results 

Frequently asked questions

Does everyone need to complete the Spanish Passenger Locator Form?

No just Non EU passport holders who are unvaccinated

Should I complete an individual or family form?

If you are travelling with children or all adults live in the same household you can complete the family/group form. Otherwise complete the individual form

When should I complete the Spanish Passenger Locator Form?

You can create the form as soon as you have your flight details, but you cannot complete it until 48 hours before your departure. Your form will be saved as you progress through it and you will be emailed a link to resume it when you are ready.

When can I submit the Spanish Passenger Locator Form?

48 hours before you travel.

Can I print my Spanish Passenger Locator Form?

Yes you can download and print the form.

What are the contents of the form?

Passenger information and your QR Code 

Step 1 Personal Information

Step 2 Flight Information

Step 3 Travel History

Step 4 Health Questionnaire

Step 5 Affidavit

Finalize and download form

What do I put for the address in Step 1: Personal Information?

This is your home address

I can't find the address of where I am staying?

Search for your hotel on this page, it should include the full address. Otherwise open Google and type the name of your accommodation followed by the word 'address' (e.g. “La Siesta address”) and it will appear at the top of the searches. 

What is the country of origin?

This is where you are travelling from, for example UK, Ireland, etc.

What do I put for the region?


What do I put for Province?

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

There is no option to select a PCR test on the drop down menu, what do I do?

Select NAAT. PCR is the NAAT technique.

I keep getting the error message “this form cannot be created, please try again later” ?

If you encounter this issue when completing the form using the App, try using the website instead. Alternatively try using a different device.  If it's still not working then delete that form and start a new one.

I've made a mistake on my form but already submitted it and got my QR codes?

Recreate a new form with a different email address 

Can I use the same email address to complete two different forms?

 No you need a separate email for each form 

Can I pay someone to complete the form for me?

Yes, other people can complete the form on your behalf, but be sure you're using a trusted and reliable source. We recommend iVisa, who are an established global provider. 

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