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Jungle Park

Beautiful wildlife park situation in the hills above Playa de las Americas

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🌳 Welcome to Jungle Park Tenerife!

Deep within the lush landscapes of Tenerife lies a world waiting to be discovered—Jungle Park. Venture into a realm that combines the best of natural wilderness with extraordinary animal encounters, exhilarating rides, and top-tier entertainment. Here, the call of the wild meets the joy of discovery, offering an unforgettable adventure for visitors of all ages.

🦁 What Awaits You?

Wildlife Wonders

  • Exotic Animals: Get up close and personal with a wide array of creatures from the animal kingdom, from majestic big cats to colorful tropical birds.
  • Aquatic Shows: Witness the intelligence and agility of our sea lions as they put on a performance that will leave you spellbound.
  • Birds of Prey: Be amazed by our falconry show, where eagles, falcons, and other magnificent birds swoop in a breathtaking aerial display.

Modern Amenities

  • Dining Options: Take a break at one of the cafes or restaurants, serving a range of local and international cuisines.
  • Gift Shops: Don’t leave without a memento! The gift shops offer unique souvenirs to remember your adventure.

🌟 Why Choose Jungle Park?

  • Authentic Experience: Designed to mimic natural habitats, Jungle Park offers a true-to-life adventure like no other.
  • Family-Friendly: Whether you're coming with children, friends, or as a couple, there's something for everyone.
  • Education and Entertainment: Learn about conservation efforts and animal behaviors while being thoroughly entertained.

🎫 Are You Ready for Adventure? Secure your tickets today for an unforgettable journey through the wild wonders of Jungle Park Tenerife.

Come, explore, and let the adventure begin! 🌳🦁🎟


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