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Are you a creator who wants to get more exposure for your Tenerife related content? Do you have a story relating to Tenerife that you'd like to share to over 50k+ people? If so, read on. 

We're looking for exceptional, uplifting, inspirational, entertaining , and informational content to share with our large audience of English speaking tourists and residents.

What we're looking for

  • Exceptional written content, images, or videos that show off the best of Tenerife
  • Heartwarming, uplifting or inspiration stories relating to Tenerife

What we're not looking for

  • Content that is slanderous or that paints Tenerife, specific people, or specific businesses in a negative light
  • Content that includes pornography, gambling, violence, abuse, or other sensitive issues
  • Content that is unrelated to tourism in Tenerife
  • Content that is intended to promote a single business, product, or event

How we will use your content

We will:

  • Provide attribution to you as the creator wherever possible, including a link to one webpage of your choosing (for example a YouTube channel, Instagram account, or personal website). If you prefer to remain anonymous please let us know in the comments box.

We may:

  • Share it on our blog, socials, newsletters, and any other marketing channels
  • Use it for marketing purposes

We won't:

  • Grant it's use to any third party without your consent


We are not obliged to use your content, and we reserve the right to decline it's use for any reason, at our own discretion.


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