Tenerife Wildfires Latest - Tuesday 22nd August 2023

Here are the latest updates on the wildfires currently affecting the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, as of Tuesday 22nd August 2023.

Firefighters continued to battle the fire on several fronts and have managed to prevent the fire from spreading further in Izaña, protecting the Observatory from damage. 

The fire has unfortunately continued to spread on other fronts, with almost half of the forest crown, over 14,800 hectares, now affected by the blaze. Light winds and hot temperature caused some previously controlled spots to re-ignite. Despite this, authorities believe that the evolution of the fire remains positive and expect the fire to be under control "in days".

The air quality remains poor across the whole island, particularly in the north where the use of face masks are still recommended.

And a final piece of good news is that more residents are set to be allowed to return back to their homes today. 

We continue to give thanks to the brave firefighters, troups, and air support who are fighting to get the blaze under control, and we pray that the end arrives soon. 🙏🏻

In summary

  • The situation is still challenging but authorities expect it to be under control 'in days'
  • Over 14,800 hectares have been affected thus far
  • Evacuation orders continue to be lifted in some areas
  • Nobody has been injured or killed in the fire so far
  • Roads into Teide National Park remain closed
  • Air quality is poor, especially in the north where the use of a face mask is recommended

If you're concerned about the fires and how they might affect your holiday, check out our guide that includes frequently asked questions.

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