Tenerife Wildfires Latest - Monday 28th August 2023

Here are the latest updates on the wildfires currently affecting the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, as of Friday 25th August 2023.

The end continues to draw closer as firefighters announced that the fire is now contained within it's perimiter. An unexpected but welcome period of rain on Friday helped extinguish some of the fires, and even though hot-spots remain and re-ignitions are still happening, some of the restrictions have been lifted.

Roads into the National Park have re-opened in Vilaflor and Chio, allowing access to Mount Teide all the way upto the Cable Car. All other access roads remain closed, and trails and campsites within the affected municipalities remain closed.

Recreational parks in other municpalities are open but it is prohibited to start fires of any kind (including BBQs, gas stoves, etc), or use any machinery that may cause sparks.

The advice from the authorities is to avoid the forested areas of Tenerife altogether, and to take extreme precautions when undertaking any activity that could cause a fire.

In summary

  • The fire is now conained within it's perimiter. Hot spots remain and there is still a risk of re-ignition in places.
  • Roads into Teide National Park have re-opened in Vilaflor and Chio, although only as far as the Cable Car.
  • Trails and recreational areas are closed in those municipalities affected by the fire, with restrictions in place for other municipalities.

If you're concerned about the fires and how they might affect your holiday, check out our guide that includes frequently asked questions.

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