Tenerife Wildfires Latest - Monday 21st August 2023

Here are the latest updates on the wildfires currently affecting the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, as of Monday 21st August 2023.

The fire is still out of control, "but the worst is over"

Despite spreading further over night the evolution of the fire is now considered favorable. The northern flank of the fire has been perimetered with the exception of a few secondary breakouts near Santa Ursula nad El Sauzal.

The fire spread into Teide National Park on Sunday, in part due to high temperatures and high winds. Firefighters have been working "intensely" in Izaña to prevent damage to the Astrophysics Observatory (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canary Islands (IAC)).

The fire also advanced from Pico Cho Marcial to the municipalities of Fasnia and Arico overnight, although none of these outbreaks pose any danger to the population.

No other relevant incidents have occured during the night, and the objective for today is for firefighters to encircle the fires on the northern flank of La Orotava to prevent the fire spreading further south.

Evacuated residents in Candelaria and Arafo were allowed to return to their homes on Sunday, whilst new evacuations were put in place for some residents in Santa Ursula. 

Air quality in the north of the island remains poor due to the smoke, where the use of a facemask is recommended to protect against respiratory issues.

The Guardia Civil has announced that the fire was started 'intentionally' and they are now pursuing 'three lines of investigation'.

In summary

  • The fire is still burning in the pine forests in the north of the island
  • It is still out of control but authorities believe 'the worst is over'
  • It now covers over 13,000 hectares with a perimiter of 90 km
  • 12 municipalities are affected: Arafo, Candelaria, Guimar, El Rosario, Tacaronte, El Sauzal, La matanza, La Victoria, Santa Ursula, La Orotava, Los Realejos, and Fasnia.
  • Over 12,000 people have been evacuated, with 960 currently staying in sheltered accommodation (the rest are staying with families and friends). 
  • Evacuation order has been lifted for some parts of Candelaria and Arafo, with more to follow today
  • Nobody has been injured or killed in the fire so far, and no homes have been confirmed as being damaged by the fires
  • It’s currently being battled by over 600 firefighters, troops, helicopters and seaplanes
  • Roads into Teide National Park remain closed
  • Air quality is poor, especially in the north where the use of a face mask is recommended
  • The Guardia Civil have announced that the fire was started 'intentionally' and they are now pursuing 'three lines of investigation'

If you're concerned about the fires and how they might affect your holiday, check out our guide that includes frequently asked questions.

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