Meet Saifa - The New Water Slide Coming To Siam Park in September

Siam Park, the world's number 1 water park famous for it's world class waterslides and incredible Asian jungle theme is set to open another brand new water slide on September 1st, 2023.

Named Saifa, which literally translates to 'Lightning' in Thai, the new ride(s) are the world's first dueling RocketBLAST water slide, further cementing Siam Park as the best Water Park in the world. This ride is so significant that it will attract thrill seekers from around the world to Tenerife specifically to claim the 'credit' for riding it.

Siam Park already features another RocketBLAST - Singha, which is arguably one of the most popular and intense rides at the park. It blasts guests to speeds of up to 18 meters per second along it's winding layout, up and down hills and round tight banked turns.

Saifa takes that concept to the next level and features a completely new and arguably more intense layout. Aside from the racing or 'dueling' elements, highlights include several air time hills, steep downward bends, a high speed helix, and plenty of near-misses. It will undoubtably be one of, if not the top attractions when it opens.

Saifa features an intense layout with tight banked turns and plenty of near-misses

A final interesting point worth noting is capacity. Given that it's a dueling slide it should in theory have twice the throughput of Singha, so hopefully queue times will be a bit more bearable. Although, unlike Singha, it looks like you may have to carry your dinghy to the top by hand. We'll reserve judgement on that point for now.

Key stats

Manufacturer: ProSlide

Model: Dueling RocketBLAST

Height: Claimed to be 80 meters although this probably refers to the altitude difference throughout the entire course.

View from the splash pool, looking up at the boarding platform


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