Siam Park Bus Tickets from Golf del Sur

Take the Siam Bus to Siam Park from Golf del Sur. The service runs every Tuesday and Sunday. You will arrive at the park approximately 10:30 AM* and will leave at 5:00 PM.

*Your arrival time may be affected by traffic.

Pickup times and locations

Golf del Sur

  • Pueblo Primavera (Aguamarina Golf Bus Stop) (9:45 AM)
  • Hotel Bahia Fantasia reception (9:48 AM)
  • Sand Club (9:55 AM)
  • Barcelo Tenerife reception (10:05 AM)


  • Adult Entrance & Bus

    11 and up


  • Child Entrance & Bus

    3-11 years


Cancellation policy

Tickets are non-refundable.

Frequently asked questions

Does this ticket include park entrance?

yes it does. 

Does the bus have toilets on it?


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