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    🎢 What is it?

    Make the most out of your visit to Siam Park with our All-Inclusive Tickets. Offering a seamless and enhanced experience, these tickets ensure that your day at one of the world's best water parks is as thrilling as it is hassle-free. Enjoy unlimited rides, an all-inclusive dining experience, and the ease of having a locker and towel provided to you.

    🚪 Entrance to the Park

    Step into a realm of endless excitement and adventure. Your All-Inclusive Ticket grants you full access to all rides, slides, and attractions that make Siam Park the wonderland it is.

    🔒 Locker & Towel Included

    No need to lug around your belongings or a wet towel. We've got you covered with a secure locker to store your items and a fresh towel to use during your visit.

    🍔 All-Inclusive Food and Drinks

    Who wants to worry about meal planning when excitement is calling? Enjoy select food and drinks at no additional cost throughout your stay.

    Unlimited FastPass Usage

    Why wait in line when you could be having fun? The All-Inclusive Tickets offer unlimited use of our FastPass system, allowing you to jump queues and maximize your time enjoying the attractions.

    What’s Included?

    • Entrance to Siam Park

    • Use of a locker and towel

    • All-inclusive on select food and drinks

    • Unlimited use of FastPass for quick access to rides

    🎫 Book Now!

    This unparalleled experience is in high demand, and tickets are selling fast. Secure your All-Inclusive Ticket today to ensure a day of endless fun, excitement, and comfort at Siam Park.

    Turn your visit to Siam Park into an effortless day of non-stop excitement and luxury. With the All-Inclusive Tickets, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure—we'll take care of the rest! 🎢🍹🌊

    Terms & Conditions

    • Tickets are non-refundable


    • General

      Is Wi-Fi available in the park?

      Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in designated areas of the park.

      Can I rent a towel?

      Yes, towel rental services are available for a fee.

      What should I wear to the park?

      Swimwear is required for all water attractions. Swimwear with buttons, zippers, or other hard elements is not permitted on some slides for safety reasons.

      Is parking available?

      Yes, there is a parking lot adjacent to the park, and fees may apply.

      Are pets allowed in the park?

      No, pets are not allowed inside the park for safety and hygiene reasons.

      Are there height and weight restrictions for the rides?

      Yes, some rides have height and weight restrictions for safety reasons. These restrictions are clearly posted at each ride.

      Is the park suitable for young children?

      Yes, Siam Park offers attractions designed for younger visitors, such as the Lost City and the smaller slides in the children's area.

      Is it necessary to know how to swim?

      While it is not mandatory to know how to swim to visit the park, it is highly recommended for safety reasons.

    • Facilities

      Are lockers available?

      Yes, lockers are available for rent to store personal belongings.

      Is food available inside the park?

      Yes, there are several restaurants and snack bars throughout the park.

      Can I bring my own food and drink?

      Generally, outside food and drink are not permitted. Please check the park's official guidelines for specific rules and exceptions.

    • Safety and accessibility

      Is the park wheelchair accessible?

      Most areas of the park are wheelchair accessible, but some rides may not be suitable for all guests.

      Are life vests available?

      Yes, life vests are available free of charge and are highly recommended for weaker swimmers and young children.

      Is first aid available?

      Yes, there is a first aid station staffed by qualified medical professionals.