Loro Parque & Siam Park Twin Tickets

Enjoy two unforgettable days out for one price. These combination tickets allow you to save €10 per adult when you purchase them as a twin ticket. The Siam Park ticket you can use anyday and just selected a day you would like to go to Loro and we will book your bus and you can enjoy two fantastic days of your holiday. 

The ticket includes transport to Loro Parque.  

0-5 year old go free on a twin ticket in both parks as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult with a twin ticket. They just pay €10 for the bus to Loro. 

  • Adult Twin with Bus Loro


  • Child Twin with Bus Loro


  • Infant twin with Bus Loro

    Age 2-5


Cancellation policy

These tickets are non refundable, due to a bar code being issued it cannot be cancelled. 

Frequently asked questions

Is there parking?

Yes you can park in Loro Parque for €5. 

Is it accessible?

Wheelchairs - They can be hired at the park, you just have to leave a refundable deposit. 

Motorised Buggies - These need to be reserved in advance and you need ID to rent these. 

PushChairs - These can be hired at the park, you just have to leave a refundable deposit. 

You need to book 3 days in advance and can be booked direct +34 922 373 841 EXT. 357 

Can we take food and drink into the park?

Yes you can and there are picnic areas situated around the park for your to enjoy 

What should I wear to the park?

Comfortable shoes- the park is big to walk round. Also suncream and take a light sweater if you are going in winter as it can be cooler in the North. 

Should I buy my ticket in advance?

We recommend buying your ticket in advance but you can purchase on the gate. 

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

The Loro Parque tickets are non refundable 

Where is Loro Parque?

Loro Parque is in Puerto de la Cruz which is in the North of the Island. From The south it is around 1 hours drive.

Is the water fresh water or salt water?


Is the water heated?

Yes, the water is heated to 25°C.

Can I take food into Siam park?

No, you can only bring in baby food and water. Your bag may be inspected at the entrance and you will be asked to remove any food or you have the option of paying €3 and you can store it in the locker area at the entrance and return back there to eat it. 

You can take food into Loro Parque.

Do I have to print my ticket?

No, a digital copy of your ticket is fine.

Do I need to pay for my sunbed at siam?

No all the beds are free at siam 

What is the children's price for the twin ticket?

Children 0-5 go free with every paying twin ticket adult. 

They just pay €10 for the transfer bus up to Loro Parque.

Is there a bus to siam included also or just loro parque?

This ticket is entrance to both parks and then the bus transfer to Loro. There are free buses to Siam Park from the south of tenerife. 

Is it a return transfer?

yes it's a return transfer.

How Long is the transfer to Loro Parque?

After the pick ups and you are on the motorway its around 1 hour to Loro Parque. You normally arrive to the park around 10am and depart at 4.30pm but you will receive specific times from either your driver or the guide on the bus. 

These times are just a guideline.

I only have one ticket? is it the same ticket for both parks?

Yes so which ever park you go to first you will scan the bar code and they possibly might take your finger print. You can then enter the second park with the same bar code ticket and your finger print. 

How long is the twin ticket valid after I have visited one of the parks?

The second part of the twin ticket is valid 6 months after you have been to one of the parks. 

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