UK entry requirements

Before you depart for the UK

Complete your passenger locator form

All passengers travelling to the UK must complete a UK Passenger Locator Form before departure. It can only be completed 48 hours before your arrival time in the UK.

If you are unvaccinated

Unvaccinated travellers need to complete a lateral flow or PCR test 48 hours before they travel back to the UK. It must show a negative result, you will not be able to fly if you test positive.  

If you are vaccinated or aged 17 and under

You no longer need to present a negative test before you fly into the UK.  

After you have landed in the UK

Vaccinated travellers,

you need to take a day 2 PCR or LFT test.

Unvaccinated travellers

You must complete a day 2 and a day 8 PCR test and quarantine for 10 days.

If your day 2 test is negative, you still need to continue to quarantine until you can take your day 8 test. If you get a positive test result from your day 8 test, you must self-isolate for a further 10 days.

If both day 2 and your day 8 tests are negative you can finish your quarantine on day 10. 

England offers a 'test-to-release' option in order to end your quarantine early which can be taken on or after day 5 of your arrival in the country. If you test negative you can end your quarantine, but you’re still required to take your day 8 test.

What to do if you test positive after arriving in the UK

If you receive a positive result you need to self-isolate until you have recovered. To prove that you have recovered you must take a PCR test which can be ordered for free through the NHS website or by calling 119.

Travelling with Children 

 If your children are aged 4 and under they do not need to do any tests. 

Children aged 5-11 

  • must take a PCR or LFT test on or before day 2 – arrival day is day 0 

Children aged 11-17 

  • must take a PCR or LFT test on or before day 2 – arrival day is day 0 

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