There's Something For Everyone At MegaBowl Tenerife

There are few activities that provide legitimate fun for the entire family but 10-pin bowling is unquestionably one of them. There’s something about launching a ball down an aisle that seems to stir roaring emotions in even the youngest of players. Take my daughter for example, she’s barely 2 years old and a couple of weeks ago we took her bowling at MegaBowl Tenerife. We set the ramp up, she chose the ball, she pushed it down the ramp, and the look on her face when it cannoned into the pins was priceless, high-fives and excited jumps told us she was having the time of her life, and so were we.

That feeling when you get a strike

It’s hard not to have a good time at MegaBowl, it’s got such a great mix of activities for all ages. Besides bowling they show all major live sporting events including football, rugby, F1, boxing, and anything else you ask for. They have so many screens that you can actually watch multiple events all at once! They also have arcade machines, pool tables, and occasionally host evening entertainment including karaoke. It’s the kind of place you can wander into and lose track of time, as has happened to me many-a-time.

In fact I specifically remember the night Tyson Fury beat Vladimir Klitschko, we were invited to a social event that was only supposed to start at MegaBowl but we ended up spending the entire night there. After 2 or 3 games of bowling we headed to the bar for some karaoke. The evening was hosted by Terry Ellans who absolutely blew me away with his incredible voice. I almost cleared the bar with my rendition of ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ by Def Leppard, then we stuck around for the boxing, which was a great fight. It was an awesome night and we didn’t even leave MegaBowl! Don’t get me wrong, I love a big night out as much as anyone, but sometimes you just want to chill and have fun, and that’s where MegaBowl shines.


As an added side note it’s also a great place to host parties, especially for kids. The bowling and arcade will keep them entertained for hours, it’s indoors, it’s safe, and there’s things for the adults to do too. Plus, they have a delicious menu of finger food such as pizza, nuggets, and my personal favorite - cheesy jalapenos (man I love them), so you can feed and entertain them all under one roof.

If you are ever in Tenerife and are looking for a fun and friendly place to spend your evening you can’t go wrong with MegaBowl. It’s suitable for all ages and you’re guaranteed to have a good time, just don't get too upset if your 2 year old daughter beats you *ahem*.