The Deli opens to much fanfare in San Eugenio

They say that good things come in small packages and that’s certainly true for The Deli, the new restaurant that opened in Costa Adeje last week. It’s been all over social media since opening with rave reviews about the incredible food and great service dominating our news feed. We couldn’t wait to try it out!

Situated in the commercial centre directly opposite Aqualand, the rustic facade dominates the sidewalk and commands your attention. It really does stand out amongst its surroundings and is more akin to something you’d find in the trendier parts of the UK than Tenerife. It’s the latest in a series of new or refurbished restaurants that are crafting genuinely unique identities and bringing a trendier edge to Tenerife  - I’m looking at you The Vault and Wow. If this is the direction we are heading in then count me in, I’m all for cool places to hang.

Presentation is clearly a fundamental aspect of The Deli’s formula. The interior is tastefully decorated modern-chic with a rustic touch, sure to appeal to the Instagram generation, whilst the food is presented in such a way that makes the first bite - with your eyes - a true delight. Take their tacos, for example, a popular contemporary dish that is elevated by the handcrafted wooden slider that it comes served on, or the scrumptious chicken skewers that are served on a dripping hanging kebab. Man, I can still smell those sweet, sweet juices. In fact, we ended up ordering one of their signature dishes; a rotisserie lemon chicken with a side of fries and ‘slaw. It fed 3 adults and 3 kids and all of us said we’d get it again, we’d recommend it but they sell out practically every day, and, well, we kind of want them all to ourselves.

There are two more dishes that I want to talk about, but a huge disclaimer here - I haven’t tried either of them yet.

The first is their full English, which is grilled instead of fried and comes with a giant Meat Boutique sausage. For those who don’t know, Meat Boutique is the butcher in the south of Tenerife that supplies many of your favourite restaurants, notably venture restaurants. It comes with all of the usual goodies; eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms, and toast, but because it’s grilled it’s not as greasy as your typical full English (hurray for guilt-free indulgences). As with all their dishes, it looks absolutely delightful and I can’t wait to try it out, my mouth is watering just looking at it.

The second dish is the salad. Now, I’m not usually one to order a salad (ever, in fact), but I think their take on the humble salad is quite novel and worth sharing. It’s basically a build-your-own salad, but instead of being a bowl of leaves, it does actually look quite appealing. It’s certainly something I could imagine picking at tapas-style whilst downing a Cerveza or three, especially with the tandoori chicken. 

In summary, I’d say the reality definitely matches the hype. I was left thoroughly impressed from start to finish, they just get the fundamentals right and from there everything kind of falls into place. The tasteful decor, the presentation of the food, the flavour and thoughtfulness in each dish - it’s all there. 

I’ll definitely be returning soon, I’ve got my heart set on the full English and the chicken skewer. It’s the kind of place you can just swing into, definitely worth going out of your way for, and if you’re in the San Eugenio area I implore you to pay them a visit. Becky and the team are super friendly and will make you feel right at home.

Show them some love by checking out their Facebook page, but be warned, it will make you hungry!

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