Fine Dining Done Right At Quo Restaurant

To pass through Callao Salvaje you wouldn't think much of it. It’s quite an unassuming town often overshadowed by it’s high-profile neighbours like Playa Paraiso and Costa Adeje, but what it lacks in grandeur it makes up for in more authentic ways, most notably - the culinary scene. Callao Salvaje is littered with hidden gems, the kind of places you’d walk past completely oblivious to the exceptional dining experience within. If you scratch beneath the surface you’ll see why; the town is mostly populated by residents and regulars, the kind of people who prefer a quieter, more personable Tenerife, and so the restaurants have evolved to deliver just that - in buckets. In any given restaurant you can expect great food, big portions, reasonable prices, and a personable waiting service - oftentimes by the owner themselves, add that to the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful location and you’ve got a winning formula.

At Quo Restaurant in the Pearly Grey, you can experience all of this with an added touch of class. It’s arguably one of the finest restaurants in Callao and offers a dining experience that this writer is struggling to find a comparison for. It’s all about the ambiance, they just get it right. From the decor to the waiting staff to the cocktails to the entertainment. It all adds up to a legitimate fine dining experience that has the right balance of sophistication and friendliness. There are only a handful of restaurants that offer this kind of experience in Tenerife and they usually cost a lot more than what you’ll spend at Quo.

The restaurant itself recently underwent a huge overhaul and now looks more plus than ever, with tasteful modern decor complimenting their new delightful menu. The cuisine is a blend of Italian, British and Canarian dishes and it’s worth checking out the daily specials menu. I went for the classic peppercorn steak which was cooked to perfection, and ordered some Gyozas off the specials menu which are a Japanese take on dumplings, deep fried for extra crispiness. Yummy!

Quo boasts an impressive wine selection and the manager - James - really knows his grapes! He recommended a locally produced red wine to go with my steak called Presas Ocampo and it was to die for. It’s actually made in Tenerife so I ended up ordering a crate when I got back home. 

Pearly Grey is also home to Callao Salvaje’s best cocktail bar - The Edge, a glass-fronted bar set on the cliff edge overlooking the Atlantic, it offers unparalleled views of the sea and La Gomera and is a must if you’re staying in Callao, sunsets there are incredible. The cocktails are equally as good at either Quo or The Edge.

There is live entertainment most evenings that transitions the evening from meal-time to good-times, expect to sing along and dance (or foot tap, if that’s your thing) to classics from the past few decades. There’s even a small play park for the kids right outside the restaurant so even parents can get some down time.

Next time you're in Tenerife I implore you to visit Callao Salvaje and book yourself in at Quo, it’s one of the best dining experiences you can have in the south of Tenerife.


Call: +34 922 743 900

Email: [email protected]

Breakfast: 8:30am to 12pm - Lunch 12pm to 3pm - Dinner 6pm to 10pm

Sunset Cocktails at The Edge at special