Falling In Love With MHT All Over Again

The hilarious Music Hall Tavern returned to the stage in mid-October after almost two year hiatus due to covid, and my god what a return it is. For those unfamiliar with MHT it’s one of Tenerife’s most beloved entertainment shows, a comedy drag show featuring stand up, sketches, sing alongs, and a three course meal. It’s been entertaining tourists for over 25 years with shows in Lanzarote and Tenerife and has been featured on Loose Women and Coach Trip.

The show now takes place at the magnificent MHT Palace at Karting Las Americas, just off the TF1 in Costa Adeje. The new venue is much easier to get to but we still recommend opting in to the hotel pickup and drop-off service so that you can fully enjoy your night, it’s just easier when you know everything has been taken care of. It’s super easy to get to in a taxi though and I sometimes head there early to enjoy sunset drinks on the open air terrace, bantering with the waiters and enjoying the final moments of the evening sun.

The lighting, sound, and effects at the new venue are incredible

Upon arrival you’re greeted by one of the gorgeous divas who directs you to the show venue and it’s there that you’ll get checked in. After a quick covid safety check, you’re asked about dietary requirements before receiving your table number and a photo opportunity with the beautiful Miss Ariella and Gloria Love. Don’t forget - this photo is included in the price of the ticket so be sure to get yours, it’s a great memento!

Don't miss your photo opportunity with the girls

Your hostess for the evening - Miss Shona - then personally escorts you to your table and gives you a souvenir show program. This is one of the things that MHT gets so right - there are personal interactions with the cast from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, not only does it help forge genuine connections to characters but it also immerserses you deeper into their larger than life world - and by the time you sit down you’re already warmed up and ready to laugh.

Get ready to laugh *alot*

The evening is broken up into two parts; the first half is the meal and drinks with light entertainment, and the second half is the show itself, and I actually quite like this format because it gives me time to get to know the people around me before the show starts. Nothing gets the social juices flowing quite like a good meal and drink and fortunately MHT offers an all-inclusive drinks package which can be ordered at your table. It's well worth it if you like to have more than a couple of drinks, like I do.

The three course meal is both delicious and filling and consists of a homemade soup, a roast dinner, and a dessert, and is accompanied by light entertainment from Miss Gloria and a few sing along songs before she gives the 5-minutes-to-show-time warning.

When the lights go down and the curtains roll back to the queens are revealed in all their glory, sparkles, sequins and sass for days, it’s quite a sight! I don’t want to give too much away but Miss Shona’s opening stand up act will have you in hysterics. The sketches vary from slapstick to sing-along and will have you belly laughing from start to finish, it’s such a good show. The penguins are my personal favourite but I also love the sing-alongs too.

The penguins are a personal highlight

It’s easy to see why MHT has acquired such a fanatical following over it’s 25 years of existence - put simply it’s just a great night of food, drink, and entertainment. What more could you want? The show has definitely been elevated by the move to the new venue and I implore new and existing fans alike to spend at least one night of your holiday at MHT - you won’t regret it.