Explore the underwater nature reserve of Montaña Amarilla

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago. It is very popular among tourists as well as digital nomads who come here to work remotely. Here you will find many interesting places and tourist attractions that you can visit on foot, by bike, on a motorbike or by car. However, not everyone knows that Tenerife can also be visited underwater.

Many diving centers on the island organize underwater excursions for certified divers, as well as diving courses. With these courses, you can get a certificate that will allow you to dive in open water all over the world. Not sure if this sport is for you? Take advantage of the DSD course - a one-day underwater excursion where a professional instructor will look after you at all times.

Why is Tenerife a great place to start this new passion?

The local waters are home to great rays, turtles, tuna, sharks, several species of octopus and moray eels, as well as numerous shoals and some lucky people have even seen dolphins and whales. These are just some of the species you can see here on your snorkeling trip, and there are also plenty of smaller marine animals and plant species to see.

Divers from all over the world come to Tenerife to dive at the local dive sites. The most famous of them are El Bufadero, Los Chuchos, Punta Rasca, Cueva del Tiburon, Las Eras, Cueva Palm Mar and Cueva de los Cerebros. They are a mixture of unusual lava forms that form rock labyrinths, underwater caves that shelter the fauna, and flora of the Atlantic.

It is especially worth visiting the local underwater nature reserve, which is located in the south of Tenerife. There is an easy descent to the water at the coastal volcano Montaña Amarilla. The volcano walls falling below the water surface created unusual rock galleries, tunnels, grottos, and lava tongues in the shape of underwater canyons and plateaus.

Many people come here to swim or relax on the shore, but often do not even know what secret this bay hides. Only after getting some snorkeling gear or diving gear, will he or she discover a land hidden under the water that looks like a magical fairy tale. Delighted divers praise the spectacular underwater scenery and the multitude of fish and other marine animals that inhabit the area.

The bay is sheltered from the wind and sea currents, creating extremely friendly conditions for diving. It is an ideal place for first dives (DSD), but also a diving trip for certified divers, or night diving with underwater flashlights.


How to start your diving adventure in Tenerife?

Find a licensed diving center near your hotel or home. In most of them, you can make a reservation through their website or visit their office and enroll in a course. Not sure if divingis for you? Take the DSD course - this is a practice dive that counts as the first lesson of the basic diving course.

This way you will discover the underwater world of Tenerife, even if you do not have time during your vacation for a four-day diving course. If you are already a certified diver, you can continue your education with advanced courses or specialist courses such as deep-sea diving, shipwreck diving, and cave diving.


Experienced divers love to spend their holidays in Tenerife, and also under the local water surface. Diving centers organize diving trips from the shore as well as from the boat, which allow you to quickly get to the chosen dive site.

Scuba diving in Tenerife allows you to experience the beauty of the underwater world and the extraordinary feeling of breathing underwater, swimming with fish, and visiting underwater attractions. Give it a try and it will surely become your passion in life and you will want to explore each new country also underwater.