Beer Spa Tenerife - The Pinnacle of Relaxation

Beer. Spas. Beers in a spa. Having a beer in a spa where the water is literally beer, then steaming off in a hot sauna, relaxing on a luscious bed of hay, and loosening up with a nice massage. Ingenious! That’s exactly what you can do at Beer Spa Tenerife.

It’s been open for little over a year now and it remains one of Las Américas’ best kept secrets. Located underneath Parque Santiago 2 in the heart of Las Américas, it's easy to miss from street level but oh so sweet once you discover it. You'll find the spa down some stairs just off the main pedestrian walkway and as you enter your greeted by a welcoming receptionist. After checking in your handed your towel and head to the changing rooms to get ready.

They have Alhambra Especial on draught and craft beer by the bottle

The magic begins once you enter the main spa room which has several large wooden tubs full of hot frothing water. The term beer spa is not just a marketing gimmick, you actually bathe in water that contains a some of the ingredients used to make beer such as yeast, hops, and barley. The nutritious mixture is good for the skin and the overall vitality of the body, as well as providing a nice bubbly froth. The tubs can seat up to two people and have their own beer pump with Alhambra Especial on draught, you're free to pour as many beers as you want without ever leaving the water. It’s ice cold and absolutely delightful. For added privacy you can pull down the wooden curtains either side of the tubs.

The spa room has 6 hot tubs, each seating 2 people

Each tub has it's very own beer pump

You get up to an hour in the beer tubs before moving onto the next part of the experience, which is a relaxing nap on a bed of hay in the chill out room. You can also use this time to dry off in the wooden sauna too. The chill out room is dimly lit and has the sweet aroma of hay, it’s the kind of place that makes you feel like a child again, comforted and relaxed. I recommend upgrading to a package that includes a massage as it's the perfect way to end the experience. By the end you’ll be feeling totally relaxed and maybe even a bit tipsy, it’s a brilliant spin on the usual spa experience and lends itself particular well to couples and small groups.

Unwind on a bed of hay

Their VIP packages take things to the next level by giving you a private room that has a tub, a bed, a sauna, an antipasti platter, and a massage table, so one of you can get a massage whilst the other unwinds in the tub. Its an added touch of class and very romantic.