Treat Yourself To Afternoon Tea at The Cozy Cafe

Gail Campbell
Gail Campbell

The best things in life come in pairs; tea and cakes, sandwiches and cakes, cava and cakes, sunshine and cakes, stunning views and cakes, friendship and cakes, cakes and cake, anything and cakes!

Did somebody say cakes?

One cafe in Las Americas takes all of these ingredients and turns them up into something special - afternoon tea at the Cozy Cafe. It’s become something of an underground hit especially for locals and regulars who like to indulge in a relaxed and familiar environment. It comes with all of the usual goodies - tea, sandwiches, cava, and the most delicious cakes, served on a tower with traditional crockery, but it’s not the individual components that make it so special, it’s the whole package, the location, the weather, the staff, the ambience… it all adds up to a delightful afternoon experience.

The afternoon tea is a real treat

The cafe itself is in a beautiful location just a stone's throw away from Playa Bobo in Las Americas, right next to the Hotel Gran Tinerfe. It’s just about as central as you can be whilst still being far enough away from the promenade to be quiet and relaxed.

The Cozy Cafe is a stone's throw away from Playa Bobo in Las Americas

The owners, David and Rita are incredibly welcoming and go out of their way to make you feel at home. They serve a hearty collection of British dishes including homemade pies, sausage rolls, tea (served out of an actual teapot, which always adds to the flavour), full English breakfasts, fish and chips, burgers, sunday roasts, and of course cakes! They even serve British beer and cider. It’s just like being at your favorite pub back home, but with better food, a better location, and a hard-to-beat level of hospitality.

Tea tastes best from a teapot

As you can imagine, being in the heart of Las Americas they cater to a lot of tourists but you’ll notice the same faces returning time and time again, a lot of regulars and a lot of locals. It’s that sort of place - you might wander in by chance, or even head there on a recommendation, but once you go, you end up falling in love with it and going back time and time again. In fact, they cater to so many tourists that they actually offer special ‘fly home’ takeaways that you can take to the airport with you. I’ll take a homemade pie over the in-flight meals any day of the week.

It’s hard to fathom how somewhere as central as the Cozy Cafe can remain a hidden gem, but that’s the thing with Tenerife, there are so many incredible places right under your nose that you might not even know existed. If you happen to be in Las Americas and fancy treating yourself to something special, book yourself into the afternoon tea at the Cozy Cafe. You do have to pre-book in advance but it’s well worth it as a romantic afternoon treat or as a luxurious luncheon with your friends. 

Whatever you do, please save some cake for me.

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