Tenerife moves to level 4

What's on Tenerife
What's on Tenerife

On Monday 10th January Tenerife will move into level 4 restrictions due to rising covid numbers, however the restrictions have been softened slightly thanks to the success of the vaccination programme.

Here is the full list of restrictions in place from Monday:

  • Masks must be worn outdoors 
  • Masks must be worn indoors but can be removed when sat at a table
  • You must be fully vaccinated to enter bars, restaurants and cafes with a capacity of 30 people or more. You will be asked to present a digital copy of your vaccination certificate when you enter the venue. Learn how to download your covid vaccine certificate.
  • All businesses must close at 12 AM midnight
  • Capacity for hotels and restaurants is reduced to 75% outdoors and 33% indoors
  • Capacity at cultural establishments such as theaters, cinemas, museums etc is reduced to 75% outdoors and 55% indoors
  • Capacity for public transport and small basic neccessity shops (not large commercial establishments) is reduced to 75%
  • Capacity for public commercial areas such as shopping centers and parks is reduced to 50% outdoors and 33% indoors
  • Capacity for places of worship is reduced to 50% outdoors and 33% indoors
  • Capacity for acadamies, driving schools, and non-regulated teaching centers is reduced to 50% outdoors and 33% indoors
  • Sporting activities are still allowed but participants must maintain at least 2 meters distance whenever possible and wear a mask. Capacity is reduced to 33% for training. Public capacity is reduced to 50% in open spaces and 33% in closed spaces.

Check out our covid help center for more information.

Have the entry requirements changed?

No, the entry requirements have not changed.

If you are an EU resident you can still travel to Tenerife without being fully vaccinated. Learn more

If you are not an EU resident (this includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) aged 12 and above you need to be fully vaccinated to enter Tenerife (both doses of a 2 dose vaccine or one dose of a single dose vaccine) at least 14 days before you travel.

Children under the age of 12 do not need to be vaccinated or present any tests. 

There are no exceptions to this rule, not even on medical grounds, if you do not meet this criteria you will denied entry. Learn more

You do not need to present a negative test, and proof of recovery is not accepted.

All travellers must have their details logged on a Spanish Passenger Locator Form (even infants and children). How to complete the Spanish passenger locator form.