No more mandatory use of Covid certificates in levels 3 & 4

Gail Campbell
Gail Campbell

The Government Council of the Canary Islands held a meeting today, February 3, to revoke the mandatory use of the COVID certificate for levels 3 and 4.

The order will be published tomorrow, Friday, in the BOC, and it nullifies the mandatory use of the COVID certificate on the islands at alert levels 3 and 4. This will allow establishments to bring back the voluntary use of the certificate regardless of what level they are. 

Also approved are the closing hours of all establishments and activities that, before the pandemic, did not have a set closing time.

From tomorrow please see the new closing times:

Level 1 was 3,00 am and is now 4,00 am
Level 2 was 2,00 am and is now 3,00 am
Level 3 was 1,00 am and is now 2,00 am
Level 4 will remain at 00.00 am

The voluntary COVID certificate review will be on March 9.

Links to the government site can be found here